One day, at a time

Yesterday was the Dots conference, part of the Brighton Digital Festival. I was there to do a little bit on Unthinkable but mostly just to sit and enjoy the conferences with the 200 or so other attendees. In terms of content, this was the conference's difficult second album, after a blinding debut last year including Russell… Continue reading One day, at a time


I'll be talking at the brilliant Brilliant Noise Dots conference in September. Tickets are available here. There are still some early bird tickets available if you're quick.

The physics of failure

Reading Amanda's Dear John letter to Apple, expressing her disappointment over the Apple Watch, reminds me of an interesting dynamic of product launches. Not much more complex than the proverb 'success has many fathers, failure is an orphan', we know that the sound of a winning product is a constant stream of jubilant announcements and… Continue reading The physics of failure

Picture perfect

We all spend a lot of time in brainstorms, imagining the future. Often the excessively audacious ideas are shelved. Sometimes they’re kept but labelled “vision”. And then, every so often, one of those weird or audacious ideas will materialize. Whether that’s because you did it yourself, or someone else did it, it’s a very strange… Continue reading Picture perfect

Book launch

Fluxx will be holding a book launch for Unthinkable on 25 March at the Ice Tank in central London. More details about the evening here. If you'd like to come along and discuss the book, drop me a line.