Soap operas

So Ted McConnell, P&G's general manager for interactive marketing and innovation has just told a conference audience that he didn't want to buy any more ads on Facebook (thanks to Dan W for the link). He succinctly summarises his thinking: "What in heaven's name made you think you could monetize the real estate in which somebody is breaking… Continue reading Soap operas

No one to hear you scream

An interesting comment on the last post came back to a topic which I seem to be asked, or ask myself, more and more often. If social media increasingly leads to closed groups, and tomorrow's media consumers are increasingly avoiding the mass media, what will happen to mass-participation media events, and don't we as a culture lose… Continue reading No one to hear you scream

Ins and outs – a redefinition of digital marketing

Remember the first website you built. I remember doing them at university a bit but they were really awful. And then I did one for the company I worked in. And then, rather suddenly I was running a company that made them. And in the start people would argue about everything. Should there be persistent… Continue reading Ins and outs – a redefinition of digital marketing

Does it really ad up?

Another fantastically cynical piece from Andrew Orlowski: I'm a walking billboard... bitch in response to the somewhat hyperbolic claims of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg that he's reinvented advertising for the next 100 years. In fact, there are three things that Facebook is doing: Letting brands have pages. Fair enough, we've seen this work well enough on… Continue reading Does it really ad up?

As seen on Web 2.0

Antony's Map, Monitor and Engage mantra was a great rule of thumb for brand marketers looking to take their first steps in social media. Unlike most 1-line solutions it has the benefit of being usable and meaningful; providing an actionable plan for sometimes very hesitant marketers. First of all work out who your community is,… Continue reading As seen on Web 2.0