Care less Wispa

Does anyone else think the following - one an honest-to-goodness advertising campaign (from Fallon no less) and one a piss-take of the world without computers - look suprisingly similar? (And yes, that is Rolf Harris). The entire cracked photoshop contest is a lot of fun, imagining what the world would be like if the internet… Continue reading Care less Wispa

Another day, another dollar

Robin sparks some interesting rants over on Advertising 2.0, in response to a frankly bizarre set of comments published in Campaign about how twitter can be used by brands. The debate appears to be over whether brands should tweet and how - should they pretend to be real people or inanimate objects, funny characters or… Continue reading Another day, another dollar

Search as the new science

A few weeks ago, on the occassion of the company's tenth anniversary, Marissa Mayer - Google's VP, Search Products & User Experience - shared her thoughts on the future of search. The most striking feature of the analysis is a kind of quasi-religious fervour with which Mayer takes on her mission to extend the scope… Continue reading Search as the new science