The Bill and Steve show

When it comes to technology innovation, it's interesting to hear some people still talk about a "five-year plan". After all, YouTube went from zero to £1.65bn in 18 months. Google only lost their beta tag 7 years ago. Paradigms can change literally overnight. In this fascinating interview, Jobs and Gates reveal that they've not got a… Continue reading The Bill and Steve show

School’s out

A great video on Ted Talks from Sir Ken Robinson challenges the targets which we set for kids in school. He argues that modern teaching methods are virutally designed to hamper creativity, polarising right and wrong and setting a premium against exprimentation. A brilliantly witty presentation in its own right, this talk brings to bear some of the same thinking… Continue reading School’s out

Truth and classification

Like Antony, I'm waiting for Royal Mail (or rather Amazon) to deliver my copy of Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder by David Weinberger. From reading around the book, it seems it will be a fascinating look at the role for taxonomy in the new world order of infinite capacity. The traditional taxonomies of… Continue reading Truth and classification

The battle for hearts and desktops

A lot of arguments are about complex nuance and deeply entrenched beliefs. They seem intractable because they are so closely related to ideology. Well here's one that isn't. This is just the difference between X as tool and X as hobby: Linux people can never understand why people would want to use Windows: all those fidgety… Continue reading The battle for hearts and desktops