Mapping the human enome

The human genome project started in 1990 and continues today (I guess with ever decreasing marginal return) towards the exhaustive mapping of the core physical cells which make us. Definitions vary on when the project will be ‘complete’ but as Ray Kurzweil points out, we are accelerating towards whichever version of completeness you chose, as… Continue reading Mapping the human enome

Planes, toilets and wanting it

The User Experience 'track' at Mix included some of the world's most enlighted thinkers on creating business value from powerful user experiences. Alongside Conchango's very own Paul Dawson, were Experience Matter's Lou Carbone (author of Clued In which I discussed here) and Dan Roam. Aside from a broad consensus about the importance of actively managing… Continue reading Planes, toilets and wanting it

The value of experience

I've talked a fair amount already about what it means for brands to differentiate themselves through experience, in particular in the context of, Lewis Carbone's excellent book Clued In. Well it couldn't have been a more important topic at Forrester's Consumer and Financial Services forum last week in Barcelona. The subject of a number of… Continue reading The value of experience

Planning planning

(or 'towards a complete redefinition on the role of the brand strategist') There's a terrible joke or riddle I still remember from school: 'What was the longest river in the world before the Nile was discovered?'. The answer, of course, is 'the Nile'. The launch of the landmark Stephen King retrospective on planning poses an… Continue reading Planning planning

On with the show

Aside from the usual rubber chicken and three-inch-wide movies, most of my long flight yesterday, and a rather intimidating trip on the A-train into Manhattan, was taken up with reading Lewis P Carbone's Clued In. This amazing book provides a method for understanding customers, products and brands that not only fits the classic American hospitality… Continue reading On with the show