Too much transparency

This week, this month, we are living through incredibly interesting times. That such a large chunk of the world population has been forced to move is monumentous. Our reaction to it has been perhaps the biggest test of our values (that much overused word) for several generations. Some have come out looking better than others.… Continue reading Too much transparency

20 days for 20 years

I've been thinking about what 2009 holds in store.  At this point, I should of course wheel out all of the great reasons one should not make predictions (especially about the future). Or perhaps I should recall the fictional Magrethea in HitchHikers' Guide to the Galaxy, a planet which decided to hibernate through Galactic recession… Continue reading 20 days for 20 years

Now we know what the future looks like

The whole phrase is 'Now we know what the future looks like, what would we like to do with it?' For the second post in a row I'm afraid I'm in a rather idealistic mood. But it seems to me, now, that we look at the structure of business and marketing as it's being done… Continue reading Now we know what the future looks like