Another day, another dollar

Robin sparks some interesting rants over on Advertising 2.0, in response to a frankly bizarre set of comments published in Campaign about how twitter can be used by brands. The debate appears to be over whether brands should tweet and how - should they pretend to be real people or inanimate objects, funny characters or… Continue reading Another day, another dollar

On with the show

Aside from the usual rubber chicken and three-inch-wide movies, most of my long flight yesterday, and a rather intimidating trip on the A-train into Manhattan, was taken up with reading Lewis P Carbone's Clued In. This amazing book provides a method for understanding customers, products and brands that not only fits the classic American hospitality… Continue reading On with the show

Truth and classification

Like Antony, I'm waiting for Royal Mail (or rather Amazon) to deliver my copy of Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder by David Weinberger. From reading around the book, it seems it will be a fascinating look at the role for taxonomy in the new world order of infinite capacity. The traditional taxonomies of… Continue reading Truth and classification

As seen on Web 2.0

Antony's Map, Monitor and Engage mantra was a great rule of thumb for brand marketers looking to take their first steps in social media. Unlike most 1-line solutions it has the benefit of being usable and meaningful; providing an actionable plan for sometimes very hesitant marketers. First of all work out who your community is,… Continue reading As seen on Web 2.0

Stop me if you think that you’ve HERD this one before

I hardly ever give up on a book. There was a Kate Atkison book my mother gave me for Christmas four years ago but that's about it.   Well Herd has stopped me in my tracks. This feels like real shame because I think the idea behind it is brilliant and the key insight is central to… Continue reading Stop me if you think that you’ve HERD this one before