No longer just your wife


The new Red Brick Road site contains a neat little spoof site about overblown promises and ‘strategies’ from agencies (“The Yellow Brick Road”). Particularly good is this fictitious company’s philosophy statement:

‘In today’s networked world, we understand that the customer is no longer just your wife, she’s the boss. That’s why we believe customers shouldn’t just consume our advertising but create it as well, something we call Brand Consumation(TM). Rather than just research customers, we get them to literally write and approve all our briefs, and to create all of work too. That way control is firmly in their hands before the process has even begun.’

Sound familiar?

2 thoughts on “No longer just your wife”

  1. i found their site really really funny!

    certainly more creative than their new ads for ing direct (!) that bloody pitch ATE my xmas and for that!!


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